CACI & Body Treatments in Bewdley


CACI ULTRA is a multi functional machine combining 4 different technologies and is the ultimate in non-surgical facials. The CACI ULTRA wrinkle comb helps soften lines & wrinkles and the micro current re-educates & tones the muscles and enhances skin repair. The CACI ULTRA also has a unique system which exfoliates and deep cleans the skin. This therapy has truly amazing results without invasive treatments such as Botox.

CACI Facial 1 hour£41.50
Course of 10 – £375.00
CACI ULTRA Eye 30 minutes£21.00
Course of 10 – £189.00
CACI ULTRA Facial 1 hour and 15 minutes£46.00
Course of 10 – £414.00

CACI Jowl Lift

Lifts and tones the muscles along the jawline and cheekbone to enhance and create a more contoured look.

30 minute treatment£25.00
Course of 10 (30 minutes) –  £225.00
or add on as part of your normal CACI ultra facial for an extra £10.00

Deep Wrinkle Treatment
This treatment is designed to “plump out” problem areas and reduces the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles – especially round forehead and nose-to-mouth lines.

Single treatment 30 minutes £21.00
Course of 10 (30 minutes)£189.00

Body Treatments

Purifying Back Treatment 30 minutes – £26.00
This super smoothing treatment is designed to rid the muscles of stress and the skin of impurities. A deep cleansing exfoliation is followed by an aromatherapy massage to de-stress your body.

Exfoliating Body Treatment 30 minutes £30
This exfoliating body scrub is customised by our highly experienced therapists with aromatherapy essential oils, assisting in smoothing the skin, relax muscles and balance senses.

Kissed by Mii - Spray Tan

We’re now offering Kissed by Mii spray tanning. Created with marine extracts, Kissed by Mii has taken the coral seaweed and coastal flowers to replenish your skin leaving it sublimely soft so your tan can develop beautifully.

Get in touch today for more information. Available in different shades to suit all skin types. We will help recommend you on shades and help you create the look you want.

Body Massages
Full Body Massage 1 hour£30.00
This top to toe massage relieves stress and promotes a sense of well being.

The Full Works
Full Body Message with Facial & Scalp Massage –1 hour 30 minutes£37.00

Back and Shoulder Massage 30 minutes£22.00

Sport Massage (Back) 20 minutes£22.00